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    Dynamic business needs mandate superior performance of your IT systems. Your applications need to be secured and user-friendly, while also responding faster and complying with prevailing regulations. Quality assurance (QA) and testing are extremely crucial in the software development cycle and should be introduced at the earliest stage of the project. Inspiration Software Limited holds industry best dedicated Quality Assurance Resources and a wide range of comprehensive testing methods and tools to deliver only the highest quality solutions. Inspiration Software QA specialists are SEI CMMI certified expert in multiple technologies, platforms and standards.

    Inspiration Software Quality Assurance and Testing services focused areas are:

      1. Functional and Regression Testing
      2. GUI and Usability Testing
      3. Accessibility Testing
      4. Compatibility Testing
      5. Performance Testing
      6. Installation/Configuration Testing
      7. System/Integration Testing
      8. Security Testing
      9. Internationalization/Localization Testing
      10. User Acceptance Testing (UAT)


    Benefits of Offshore Development:

    • Cost effectiveness - Salaries of IT professionals are significantly lower in Bangladesh than those in the west.
    • Best Practices – offshore outsourcing companies are focused heavily on quality and continuous process improvement, offshore development centers operate at high levels of efficiency, predictability, and reliability.
    • Risk minimization- High process maturity greatly reduces the risk of project failures and provides significant advantage when managing service level agreements.
    • 24x7 operations - There is a time differential between onshore and offshore destinations which translates into a virtual 24/7 kind of operation for your projects.

    Explore the advantages of flat world: outsource to Inspiration Software Limited and reap the benefits, now!

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    Business Application Competitiveness in the global marketplace requires speed and agility at every level. Businesses must respond quickly to meet customer demand, improve speed to market, react swiftly to changing market conditions and constantly seek gains in productivity and profitability.

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    MIS Solutions can guide you to choose and implement the right technology for your business.

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    Offshore software development lets you concentrate on your competencies rather than struggling to overcome the learning curve and manage the ever-increasing resource requirements.