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    Are you looking to make the most of your company's technology investment?  Are you seeking progressive, profit-building ways to streamline your process?  MIS Solutions can guide you to choose and implement the right technology for your business.  Inspiration Software ’s MIS solutions integrate disparate business processes and improve productivity and efficiency within enterprises. Customized MIS solutions may include HR & Payroll Management, Customer Relationship Management, Sales Tracking System, Operations Management, Accounting Management, Asset Management, Projects Management and Admin portal etc.  For many of our clients, selecting one of our MIS packages is becoming a 'relationship for life'.

    Some of Inspiration Software ’s MIS Solutions are given bellow:

     Name of Client / Project
     Description of the Project
    Project: Management Information System (MIS)
    Client: RAJUK
    Implement and maintain an integrated Management Information System in order to strengthen the organization for sustainable development by building the capacity and improving services through the Institutional Human Resource Development which will help the RAJUK in effective urban planning, development, development control and monitoring and good governance.
    Project: MIS Queens
    Client: Queens Apparel Limited
    Development of an Integrated Solution for Queens Apparel Ltd. of Jaya Group of Industries consisting of integration of the following Modules: Merchandising Management System, Commercial Management System, Financial Accounting System, Inventory Management System, Production Management System, Payroll Management System and Personal Management Information System.
    Project: MIS Miracle
    Client: Miracle Industries Limited
    Miracle MIS is an integrated Solution for a Poly-Propylene Woven Bag Factory. The integrated solutions consisting of the following Modules: Financial Accounting System, Inventory Management System, Production Management System, Commercial Module Merchandising, Human Resource Management System etc.
    Project: MIS DADA
    Client: DADA (Dhaka) Limited
    The MIS solutions for DADA (Dhaka) Limited incorporate Printing of Commercial Invoice, Printing of Packing List, Maintenance of Records of L/Cs, Maintenance of Records of Back to Back L/Cs and Maintenance of other statutory records.
    Project: Jaya MIS
    Client: Jaya Group of Industries
    The Jaya MIS solutions Financial Accounting System features are given bellow: General Ledger, Subsidiary Ledger, Trail Balance, Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet, Cash/Bank Books, and Comparison of Budget with actual etc.

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    Business Application Competitiveness in the global marketplace requires speed and agility at every level. Businesses must respond quickly to meet customer demand, improve speed to market, react swiftly to changing market conditions and constantly seek gains in productivity and profitability.

  • MIS Solution

    MIS Solutions can guide you to choose and implement the right technology for your business.

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